eva + sophia + sammy + nacho the puppy {family}

It’s been a while since I have done a family session, so I was really excited to meet up with my amazingbeautifulfunnyashell former co-worker Eva and her two awesome kids last weekend. I love doing family sessions, especially day-in-the-life stuff like this that is no fuss and completely authentic. All I did was show up, pull out my camera, and tagged along as they hung out, read books, colored, walked the dog, played on the playground, and watched their grandfather (visiting from Spain) build them a treehouse for Christmas. A typical Saturday afternoon. It was so lovely despite the chilly temperatures. And I love these kiddos! They were total hams, best friends, and kept me laughing all afternoon.

Oh, and the obvious – how beautiful are these three?? Puh-lease. Heartbreakers, I tell you.

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