the don’t give up project.

A little confession: I am pretty impulsive at times. I love anything spontaneous. It is on rare occasions, usually for highly important things like buying a house or building a business, that I actually sit down and plan out my life in any way. I like to think about booking plane tickets for about five minutes max before I do it. I make snap decisions on everything from buying shoes to going away for the weekend to finally sitting down and paying those bills. The same goes for when I made the decision to attend the Don’t Give Up Project this past March, a workshop hosted by the incomparable We Are the Parsons, in a gorgeous and remote mountain lodge in Divide.  I noticed the announcement on their website in Februrary and booked it within a day. I didn’t even think about it. I knew I wanted to go.

And boy am I grateful for impulse decisions. This was one of the best ones I’ve made for myself as an artist and as a business owner.

I went there with no expectations, just knowing that I was going to get to hang out in the mountains with a bunch of talented people and probably learn a lot and laugh a lot. “A lot” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Here are just a few images from that weekend. It feels good to look through and share these, even months later, because I am continually reminded of what I learned there and who I got to share it with.

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  • AthenaAugust 15, 2013 - 2:35 am

    Can we do it again?!? I miss you all so much. The further away from it we get the more it feels like a dream. I’ll hold onto you forever, dear Megan. And I miss you like hell. XoxoxoxReplyCancel

  • jennAugust 15, 2013 - 4:38 am

    Oh gosh these are so great!! Thx for the memories.. xxReplyCancel

  • KristinAugust 15, 2013 - 4:22 pm

    These are amazing!!!!! So glad I just got to relive that again. Miss you.ReplyCancel

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