goodbye, autumn…

As much as I love winter, and snow, and all kinds of snow sports (yay), and warming up my car, and puffy jackets, and fires in the fireplace, and hat hair, and red runny noses, I am always sad when fall decides to peace out. Even though typically, this time of year is pure insanity for a teacher, especially one with a full load of graduate work, I still find so much peace in the outdoors during these months. It is almost like the feeling that the earth (at least our part of it anyway) is beginning to power down, put her feet up, and head to bed. Things become a bit quieter, and the general pace of life slows down a bit. There is just something about the crisp in the air, the stocked farmer’s markets, the golden aspens, the pumpkin patches and farm stands, warm cider and dark beer, deliciously sunny days, and all the great, earthy colors just makes me….happy. And besides, just the very idea that I am now able to exercise outside without sweating profusely or being on the verge of passing out from heat stroke is always a nice way to enjoy these great few months before Old Man Winter comes a knockin’.

But alas, it is time to say goodbye to another fantabulous turn of seasons. There is nothing quite like a Colorado autumn. So, now that I’m done sounding like a crunchy hippy,  here are just a few tribute images.  Now bring on the snow, please…more of it, anyway. I just got my snowboard waxed and it’s calling my name.   




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  • BrandiNovember 18, 2010 - 5:55 pm

    So talented! I’m jealous because when we go to standard based grading, you have a backup plan:)ReplyCancel

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